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When I set out to restore my little brother's truck, I never imagined how challenging it would be.  With his passing in 1990, I knew I had to take my time and get it right.  I wanted a "driver" that both my wife and I could feel comfortable behind the wheel in.  It would be my very first Hot Rod.  It had to be right...it had to be beautiful...it also had to be blue.


The truck spent time in numerous shops before someone stepped up to the plate and honestly took an interest in completing the truck to my satisfaction and in a timely manner.  That person was Tony Arme.


I never wanted a show truck, I wanted a driver.  What I got was both.  From big details like the custom designed cold air intake down to the intricate workings of the bed wood flip kit for the gas filler, Tony cared enough about my ride to ensure it was top-notch in every aspect.  Tony was on top of his game when he suggested the proper size wheel and tire set-up to fill the fender wells in addition to experimenting with the brand new E-Stopp parking brake.


The team at Brown's Classic Autos has become like family to us now.  Our 1956 Chevy Pickup turns heads wherever it goes.  We owe a big thanks to Tony and his team.



Jody Stone

Dear Addison,

I just wanted to once again say thank you for letting Cox Charities be a part of Browns Classic Autos.  Thursday was a great day for Cox Charities and Phoenix Children’s Hospital with your help we can really deliver hope to children throughout Arizona. 

Best wishes,

RJ Mueller - Cox Charities